Personalized CPAP therapy? Yes please! The AirSense automatically adjusts your pressure as you sleep to make sure you get the perfect therapy all night.


This integrated humidifier provides consistent humidification for increased comfort throughout the night and to prevent dry mouth.


The AirSense starts by delivering a low pressure, then gradually increases to the prescribed level to ensure you fall asleep as seamlessly as possible.


Expiratory Pressure Relief maintains the optimal treatment for you during inhalation and reduces pressure during exhalation, providing the most comfort possible.


Fantastic! after all of these years of snoring/holding my breath at night I finally am waking up feeling rested and alert! WOW! I had forgotten what a good night's sleep was like!

James J.

Awesome! This is my 3rd APAP and by far the best one, I have ever owned. Very positive and accurate airflow. I have never been awakened feeling I am starved for air, as I have with previous models. It is also the first one I've had, that connects to an App for daily analysis and support. Couldn't be happier.

Alan W.

Well, I hate it and I love it. It does not make a sound....but if I do hear a sound, its because of poor mask fit, which I can fix in about a moment. I hate the thought of putting it on, but I love the great sleep/rest I get with it, and my wife loves that I no longer snore.

Gene Z.

Replaced a 16 yr old unit that had been fine till about a month ago. Same brand. I am REALLY happy. The comments about noise ??? Mine is silent Absolutely silent. Works well. Love that I can see a sleep report on my iPhone. Bought mine without going thru my insurance company since I would have had to pay a lot more via insurance


AirSense 10 User Review

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