AirFit F10 & Quattro Air Replacement Full Face Cushion

SKU: 62736

This replacement cushion is compatible with the following masks: 

AirFit Full Face Mask, AirFit F10 For Her MaskQuattro Air MaskQuattro Air For Her Mask

Dual-Wall Spring Air Cushion

The Dual-Wall Spring Air cushion provides a comfortable and secure seal for better performance.

What's in the Box? 

One replacement cushion in selected size


  • Cushion Hard Components: Polyamide
  • Cushion Soft Components: Silicone Elastomer

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scott H.
Bad fit

The mask didn’t fit and I returned it

Willie A.
nanadean respond

all is well so far I just love my app and keeping up with my therapy daily. it took me three times to change mask but i finally got it right.

Airfit F10 Replacement Full Face Cushion Review

I can replace this Full Face Cushion by simply popping the old one out, and, literally, popping the new one in its place. No other adjustments or disassembly/reassembly rigamarole is needed. It fits, it works, I can enjoy the deep sleep my mind craves using it. And it's as simple to replace as it gets. So, what's not to like and recommend about it!!! Enjoy the benefits of yours as much as I do enjoy the benefits of mine!

joe g.
joe gonzalez

after 2 years with a cpap and driving a truck, had to order the cushion because the lining was coming off...I super glued it and actually melted the rubber....should have used a different type of glue and it would be good between the melting and this order...I got anew cpap with the quattro mirage.....neither the new resmed machine nor the face mask is as good as the old face mask hits me around the top of my ears....just not right compared to the one i've been using for years.

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