When You Need a Prescription

Shopping with a prescription

A prescription (Rx) is always required for the following purchases:

  • Any new CPAP/Bilevel machine or humidifier.
  • Any item (machine or supplies) that you would like us to bill to your insurance. This is because a prescription is needed to show medical necessity to your insurance company.
  • Complete CPAP mask systems: This requirement can be avoided for our most popular masks (instructions below).
Shopping without a prescription

If you are shopping for supplies and are not planning to go through your insurance, a prescription is not required for CPAP replacement parts such as mask frames, headgear, cushions, filters, tubes or water chambers.

Many CPAP masks, including our most popular ResMed models, can be purchased without an Rx by putting it into your shopping cart as 2 separate non-prescription items: mask frame and headgear straps. This means that the mask components will be packaged in separate bags within the same box. You will receive a complete mask with all the necessary parts, and in most cases they are the same price as the prescription package.

Any mask that can be split in this way will have instructions and links to the component parts to add in the description. If you have any difficulty with this, please call (866) 564-2252 and a representative will be happy to place your order for you.

Prescription Requirements

What needs to be on your prescription?

We will accept a prescription signed by any of the following types of healthcare providers. Your provider must be licensed within the United States of America.

  • Medical Doctor (M.D.) or Psychiatrist
  • Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)
  • Physician's Assistant (P.A.)
  • Nurse Practitioner (N.P.)
  • Dentist (D.D.S) or Orthodontist

A valid prescription should have all of the following information legible:

  • Provider's Signature (either handwritten or electronic authorization)
  • Provider's office contact information (preferably with NPI Identification)
  • Full Name of the Patient
  • Date of Birth of the Patient
  • Date of Issue and Length of Need
  • Type of CPAP equipment being prescribed. (If the Rx is for a new machine, your pressure setting should also be indicated - either Automatic or a number for your pressure level)
Does your prescription expire?

If your doctor has written a specific date for that prescription to expire, we will honor the prescription up until that date.

On your prescription, a Length of Need should be indicated. The default value for this is usually 99 months/Lifetime for CPAP equipment. This means that we will consider the prescription valid up until 8 years after the date it was signed. If your Rx does not specify a Length of Need, we will accept it for the default 8 years after it was signed. 

Once we have your prescription on file, you do not have to send it in for each of your orders in the future. We will keep it on file until the date that it expires. 

Does it have to include the equipment name or brand?

Your doctor does not need to write an exact brand/model of the mask or machine on your prescription. If they are not familiar with the different types, they can write something general, such as: "CPAP Mask and Supplies" or  "Auto CPAP Machine and Supplies." 

If your doctor has written a particular brand and model, you are not necessarily "locked in" to that choice unless they have also written on the prescription "Do Not Substitute". As long as the doctor does not prohibit substitution, you can use that prescription to order an equivalent piece of equipment of a different brand or model. 

How to Send Us Your Prescription

When to send your prescription

If your order contains a prescription item, you may send it to us either before or after your order has been placed. Your prescription must be received before your order can be shipped to you. You can send it to us using any of the following methods:


Send your prescription as an attachment to rx@easybreathe.com. Please be sure that your date of birth is on the Rx form. Please include your name and/or send it from the same email that you will use for your order to help us process it.

Upload to your account

If you have created an Account at easybreathe.com and are logged in, click here to view My Account page. On your Account page, there is a section where you can upload a document to your account. Please be sure that your date of birth is on the Rx form. Once your prescription is uploaded, it will be reviewed and approved by our staff.

Text message

You may text a picture of your prescription to (323) 576-7102. Please be sure that your date of birth is on the Rx form. Please include your name or order number to help us process it.

Fax machine

You may fax your prescription to (877) 883-9709. Please be sure that your date of birth is on the Rx form. Please include your name or order number to help us process it.


You may physically mail a copy of your prescription. Please be sure that your date of birth is on the Rx form. You may send it to the following address:

Easy Breathe, Inc.
11859 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 110
Los Angeles, CA 90025

How to Get a New Prescription

How we can help

Easy Breathe has many options to help you get a prescription for CPAP equipment, depending on whether you are a current CPAP user or someone looking to get started with a CPAP. Please see the case that applies to you:

If you already have a CPAP

If you have a physician who knows about your sleep apnea that you see regularly, we have prescription forms that you can download to bring to your next appointment. You can also request that they fax their own Rx form to our office at (877) 883-9709.

Our Customer Care team at Easy Breathe can also contact your doctor's office for you if you prefer. You can call us at (866) 564-2252 to get this process started, or email RX@easybreathe.com with the required information. We will need your name, Date of Birth, and your doctor's contact information in order to send in a request for you.

If you do not have a doctor that you go to regularly, or don't have time for another office visit, we offer an easy CPAP Prescription Package that will allow you to renew your prescription through our physician online. Click here for a complete summary of our quick 4 step process!

If you have never had a CPAP or been diagnosed

If you have never been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you will need to take a sleep study to determine if a CPAP is needed.

Traditionally, sleep studies are performed overnight in a sleep laboratory and are arranged by your physician. However, many people are opting for an in-home sleep test. Home Sleep Tests are often less expensive and much more convenient than going to a laboratory. Click here to read an overview of our home sleep testing program.

If you would like to consult your doctor about getting tested at home, click here to download the prescription form for a Home Sleep Test.