CPAP Prescription Renewal

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Effortless Online Renewal: No need for a doctor's visit—renew your CPAP prescription online with ease. Our quick, streamlined process connects you to licensed physicians, ensuring you receive your prescription in under 2 business days. Ideal for convenience and speedy service.

Convenience Without Compromise: Our service caters to anyone needing CPAP therapy, especially suitable for those traveling, in urgent need of supplies, or changing healthcare providers. With our online renewal, you can maintain your therapy smoothly and without interruption.

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Mark C.

You are the most unacceptable and reprehensible people I have dealt with EVER!!

Kevin f.R.
C-PAP Perscription

My experience in obtaining a C-PAP percsription with Easy Breathe couldn't have been better. The process was quick and easy.

Chris F.

CPAP Prescription Renewal

Amazing Service - Great Products!

My old CPAP machine broke - and when I contacted the supply company about it, they said I would need to get a new prescription from the doctor. I called and the quickest appointment was 3 months away. I had already been without my CPAP for a week, trying to repair it myself, to no avail. So, I was tired, fatigued, and cranky with a sore throat from snoring due to sleep apnea. I couldn't wait 3 months for a new prescription.

I found Easy Breathe and read some reviews, wondering if it was really legit. It was worth the gamble to me because I just wanted to sleep well again at night. Let's face it, nobody really wants to wear a CPAP, but it makes a huge difference in your sleep when you use it. And it's not like my sleep apnea went away overnight.

I filled out the form regarding my past diagnosis and within a couple hours, I had a new prescription. Almost immediately, I placed an order for a new machine and had it shipped overnight. I was so excited to receive it the next day!!!

I have nothing but great things to say about this company. If you need a CPAP or supplies, this is the place to go!

Just what I needed

I needed a new script for a replacement CPAP machine (which I had used for 14 years) and got it through Easy Breathe. The process was easy and quick, but I would recommend one addition to the process. If the applicant still has their original/last script available, allow them to append it to the submittal. This will support the information provided in the application.