About Us

Here at Easy Breathe our mission is to make CPAP therapy easy and to help our customers get a better night’s sleep. This begins with providing top-performing and innovative products that meet our customers’ needs. To help you navigate these products, our team of CPAP experts provides unparalleled, personalized support and advice to tailor your CPAP experience according to your unique needs. Not only that, but Easy Breathe makes our inventory as financially accessible as possible by offering competitive pricing and financing options.

This may seem too good to be true, but here at Easy Breathe, it’s supposed to be this easy.


What makes us unique?

A few of the things that make Easy Breathe unique ...

  • We can bill your insurance directly
  • We offer zero-interest financing options
  • We can give you a CPAPRx, a prescription from one of our own doctors, if you don’t already have a prescription
  • We can provide an at home sleep-test without a visit to your doctor through our Easy Sleep Apnea Test (ESAT) program