Evora Full Face Mask with Headgear

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Introducing F&P Evora™ Full, a compact full face mask. Evora Full is minimal contact with full performance featuring a next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™. Evora Full features a ‘Floating’ Seal, supported by Stability Wings. These technologies work together to allow for freedom of movement while keeping the mask comfortably in place.

Product Features:Stability WingsVentiCool TechnologyFloating SealStabilitySeal PerformanceStability WingsThe Evora mask features wings that offer support to the seal.VentiCool TechnologyVentiCool Technology in the breathable headgear allows moisture and heat to escape for a comfortable night's sleep.Floating SealA soft, pliable silicone seal decoupled from the frame.StabilityDuring a trial coducted by Fisher & Paykel, 91% of participants rated the Evora Full Mask as stable or very stable.Seal PerformanceDuring a trial coducted by Fisher & Paykel, 91% of participants rated the Evora Full Seal as good or very good.

What's in the box?1 Evora Full Face Mask System*Cushion is silicone.

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Lisa N.
Finally a comfortable full-face headgear!

I tried too many full-face masks, but this is one I can finally sleep with. Once I get settled, it holds pressure and doesn't leave my face marked up in the morning.


Like the mask. Don't like how the straps at bottom connect, should be magnets and I don't like the hose connection at the mask. Mask is very comfortable and leaks are minimal.


I tried every FFM mask that my DME had available and failed to have a good seal. I was close to giving up on achieving a good seal until I found this mask. The Evora FFM has an additional adjustment point on the top that allows it to fit different sizes with ease. I have close to zero leaking and no red marks on my face. I have finally found a mask that allows me to sleep.

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