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ResMed’s AirMini Auto Travel CPAP is a thing of wonder. The smallest, lightest CPAP machine available, the AirMini will revolutionize the way you think about CPAP therapy and travel. Today, when you buy the AirMini you’ll also receive a FREE CPAP Prescription ($99 value).

And you won’t even need to see the doctor.

AirMini Features

AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP - Easy Breathe

Unparalleled Size

As small as a can of soda and only 0.66 lbs. It's easier to pack than a laptop.

Waterless Humidification

The comfort of humidification without the added weight. With HumidX and HumidX Plus, you don't have to compromise.

AutoSet Algorithm

Personalized CPAP therapy? Yes please! The AirMini automatically adjusts your pressure to make sure you get the perfect therapy all night.

Smartphone Compatible

The AirMini mobile app gives you daily sleep scores to make sure your therapy is working perfectly, specifically for you.

CPAP Prescription Offer

How does the free CPAP prescription offer work?

What are people saying about the CPAP Prescription Package?

“When it came time for a new machine, everywhere I looked, everyone wanted a rx from a Dr. I already had a sleep study done and I know I need cpap. Not wanting to go through everything again, the opportunity to get a new machine without the hassle was great. Answer a few questions and after the review, everything was taken care of. Would definitely recommend this option.” —Frank

“I would use easybreathe’s prescription package again in a heartbeat. It is that quick and easy to use without the hassle and expense of unnecessary doctor appointments and redone sleep studies.” —Kristina R.

“EASIEST CPAP PRESCRIPTION RENEWAL EVER!! Fast and easy., and best of all – no return trips to a specialist with high co-pays!” —Pam D.

“After fighting with the supplier that had my Rx to get a new machine, they would not give it to me and were forcing me to go through the whole study again. (they give the study and sell the high priced machines, go figure) One call and everything was taken care of, overnight shipping too. Cheaper than using my insurance. Well worth it. Thanks guys.” —Tim

Your CPAP supplies could be yours for $0!

Insurance doesn’t cover the AirMini, but it does cover most other CPAP supplies. Click below let us check what your insurance provider covers (for free!):

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