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How easy is it to take the Deluxe Home Sleep Test?

The Deluxe Homes Sleep Test is by far the easiest way to get tested for sleep apnea. We will ship our home sleep test directly to your door, and you can take the test from the comfort of your own bed. Then, our remote physicians will evaluate your sleep test without any extra effort or discomfort for you!

More traditional sleep tests involve spending hours at sleep labs and doctors' offices with someone watching you sleep in an unfamiliar setting. The testing process does not need to be this inconvenient and distressing.

How affordable is the Deluxe Home Sleep Test?

The Deluxe Home Sleep Test is a fraction of the cost of a facility-based sleep test. Going to a traditional sleep lab can cost up to $2000!
Our home sleep test is priced every day at $299 -- less than 15% of the cost of a traditional sleep test.

How does the Deluxe Home Sleep Test Work?

There are just four easy steps:

✅ Purchase the sleep test
✅ Complete a brief questionnaire via email or phone
✅ Take your home sleep test
✅ Get physician approved results and PAP prescription in as little as 24 hours

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