AirMini Features

ResMed AirMini Machine Only (DOWN PAYMENT) - Easy Breathe

Unparalleled Size

As small as a kitten and only 0.66 lbs. It's easier to pack than a laptop.

Waterless Humidification

The comfort of humidification without the added weight. With HumidX and HumidX Plus, you don't have to compromise.

AutoSet Algorithm

Personalized CPAP therapy? Yes please! The AirMini automatically adjusts your pressure to make sure you get the perfect therapy all night.

Smartphone Compatible

The AirMini mobile app gives you daily sleep scores to make sure your therapy is working perfectly, specifically for you.

Use code CPAPKITTEN for 15% off an AirMini bundle.

Your CPAP and Supplies Could be Yours for $0

*While most insurance plans cover CPAPs, CPAP supplies and supplies for a travel CPAP, they do not typically cover travel CPAPs like the AirMini. 

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Kitten-Sized CPAP

Easy Weight Loss Program

Lose weight and reduce sleep apnea symptoms with our virtual GLP-1 program.

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