AirFit F30i Cushion (3 Pack)

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Replacement cushion for the AirFit F30i Full Face Mask. Mask is not included.

Recommended Replacement Schedule: 1 every month.

Product Features

UltraCompact Curved Cushion

Hugs the underside of your nose for a comfortable fit that doesn't make you feel suffocated. Flexes as you breathe in and out for enhanced stability.

Customer Reviews

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Alan a.D.C.

AirFit F30i Full Face Mask without Headgear

raymond c.t.
new mask and head gear

this worked great for me

Cynthia G.
Very Happy with the AirFit F30i !!!

For years I have had trouble with the facemasks I've had... they either don't fit right or make me feel like I'm in an air chamber and I felt claustrophobic. But the worst trouble I've had with all of them has been air leaking out from one part of the mask or the other, which would wake me up and make a lot of noise. Not with the AirFit F30i, at all... Fits great, Very comfortable breathing and comfortable to wear, and No air leaks!! It's the perfect face mask, and I sleep like a baby the entire night.

Jayanta G.

I had leakage all night(First two days of my usage) then stopeed using it.

Paul S.

AirFit F30i Full Face Mask without Headgear