AirFit N30 Mask without Headgear

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Introducing our lightest mask ever, ResMed AirFit™ N30. It’s designed to fit your lifestyle, helping you easily adjust to CPAP therapy. The QuickFit™ headgear slips on like a pair of goggles and adjusts with a single side-clip if needed. And it’s discreetly designed, so you can feel confident around loved ones.

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Nasal cradle cushion

The nasal cradle cushion rests discreetly under the nose, is curved for comfort and provides an excellent seal for 2 out of 3 CPAP users who tried it in a recent study. It’s made from a soft, lightweight silicone that conforms to the shape of the nose.

QuietAir™ technology

QuietAir™ technology makes AirFit N30 quieter than leading competitors' nasal and nasal pillow masks. Its diffused venting is designed to break up exhaled air so it’s spread out lightly, minimizing sleep disruptions.

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Customer Reviews

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Tim S.
Pillow doesn’t stay sealed

My wife has woken me up several times to tell me to fix my mask. While not having nasal inserts makes it more comfortable, the leakage makes it not as sufficient. I will be going back to the Air Fit P10.

Tormud D.

The Straps are substandard and last less than 3 Weeks before stretching beyond adjustments and eventually tear. The connection between the plastic tubing and the mask bottom breaks easily
and is byond repair.
Suggestion: attach a “ swivel “ point at the connection between the tubing and mask termination point to lend flexibility which will give the tubing the opportunity to adjust with movement.

david n.
I have not yet used it.

Please cancel my continuing subscription and contact me before the expected life of the one you sent me expires. I have had health problems not related to breathing so I have not used your product.

Ann V.
Resmed N30 for CPAP

I think the N30 headgear itself needs to be improved. Something more sturdy that doesn’t stretch out of shape. I really like the nasal pillow though as it rests just under my nose and is much more comfortable for me than the N20.

william f.

I don't like the nasal pillow piece. I would like the conventional nasal pillow that fits on to the front of nostril rather than what I received.

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