AirFit N30i Mask without Headgear

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The ResMed AirFit N30i Mask provides comfort and simplicity in a new lightweight design. Designed with comfort in mind, the SpringFit frame ensures a personalized fit and the top-of-the-head tube attachment allows freedom of movement during sleep. 

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The AirFit N30i Nasal Mask was designed with maximum comfort in mind with a new minimal design eliminating irritation on the nose bridge. The unique frame allows the user to watch TV or wear glasses right before going to bed. 


  • Top-of-the-head Tube 
  • Curved Nasal Cradle
  • SpringFit Frame
  • Minimal Design

Top-of-the-head Tube 

The AirFit N30i mask features a frame that holds your CPAP tube on the top of your head rather than in front of your nose. This allows you to move freely during therapy without any disruption caused by a tube moving across your body, making your sleep more comfortable. 

Curved Nasal Cradle

This mask features a cradle cushion that covers less of your face than a traditional nasal mask and sits discreetly under your nose, not in it.

SpringFit Frame

Designed with the user in mind, the SpringFit frame is an innovative design that provides a stable, personalized fit. 

Minimal Design

To increase comfort, the mask was created to minimize parts covering the face. The AirFit N30i leaves your face clear so you can wear glasses to read or watch TV before going to bed.  *This mask is not compatible with the AirMini.

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Johnny M.

AirFit N30i Mask without Headgear

Bill F.

AirFit N30i Mask without Headgear

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AirFit N30i Mask without Headgear


AirFit N30i Mask without Headgear

Joanne C.

AirFit N30i Mask without Headgear

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