Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution CPAP Mask

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The Bleep Mask is the smallest and lightest nasal mask on the market! This mask was designed to be headgear-free for premium comfort. The one size fits all design allows for an easy experience for customers to enjoy a great night of sleep.

Note: It is recommended to replace DreamPorts every night. DreamPrep Pads remove dirt and oils on the nose for a smooth application of the mask. 


Product Features

Product Features:• Lightweight and Flexible• No Headgear Design• Not Nasal Pillows• One Size Fits AllLightweight and FlexibleThe Bleep DreamPort Solution is flexible, lightweight and very easy to use. In fact it's so light and comfortable that you can even wear it as you read or watch TV before going to sleep. Applying the DreamPorts takes only seconds and then you can rest and relax until you're ready to turn out the lights.No Headgear DesignWith the minimalist Bleep DreamPort Solution there's no hard frame, no headgear, and no bulky cushioning to get in the way of your restful night's sleep. The DreamWay Interface, and DreamPort strips, won't leave any marks or dents on your face like traditional CPAP masks do; and with Bleep you can sleep in any position -- on your back, stomach or side -- without pressure or pinching!Not Nasal PillowsNo matter how well they fit, nasal pillow CPAP masks still stick up your nose and can cause pain and discomfort. Hypo-allergenic, disposable DreamPort adhesive strips are applied on the outside of the nostrils so nothing goes up your nose except for a pure stream of air from your sleep therapy device.One Size Fits AllNo two noses are the same. That's why Bleep designed the DreamPort Sleep Solution in a single flexible size that really does fit all users. So, no matter what the shape of your nose or nostrils, Bleep's gentle adhesive strips eliminate leaks, and ensure a much stronger seal than nasal pillow or cushion masks. Because of their minimal design, DreamPorts are great for people with facial hair too!


What’s in the Box?• Bleep DreamWay Interface with 10 inch hose and connector• Bleep DreamPorts (32-Pack, 16-Night Supply)• Instruction GuideProduct SpecificationsSize: One size fits allNot made with natural rubber latex

Customer Reviews

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WestSide T.
WestSide Tony

Worked great! I was a bit skeptical but it held in place, even with my tossing and turning. The key is to move slowly. It was quiet as well. I hate the headgear on regular masks!

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