CPAP Tubing - Gray


This standard tubing is compatible with most machines and masks.

Recommended replacement schedule: Once every 3 months.

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Qty                Price (per unit)
1                    $15.99
2 - 3               $14.99
4+                  $13.99

Product Features:

  • Standard non-heated tube
  • Available in different lengths

Standard Tube

This 6-foot tube is 19 mm in diameter with 22 mm rubber ends. It is standardized to fit with most CPAP and BiLevel machines. It is recommended to replace your tubing every 3 months to maintain optimal function and avoid infection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jerone B.

I’m perfectly satisfied with the tube, but you guys discontinued the mask I’ve been using. I’m not at all pleased about that.

john S.
CPAP Tubing - Gray

it does the job

Gary B.
Gary Brown

I love the fact that you can get tubing in different lengths. I have the 8 foot tubing and the added length makes my sleep night much more comforting. I am not constantly moving tubing around during the night. The extra length allows me to move around without worrying about moving the tubing. I highly recommend this tubing especially the ones that are longer. I might even try a 10 foot one in the future, but I am totally happy with the 8 foot one that I currently have and use nightly.....Thank-You for allowing me to comment on one of your products. Easy Breath is a wonderful place to get any and all of your C-PAP or Vi-PAP supplies and ANYTHING you order comes quickly, and is ALWAYS sealed and clean...It is a GREAT place!!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend Easy Breath to Anyone looking for not only supplies, but NEW machines as well and they work with your insurance(s) so you don't have to fill out anything......GREAT JOB!!!

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