Evora Nasal Mask Fitpack

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The new Evora Nasal Mask Fitpack is the first cradle-style nasal mask from Fisher & Paykel. It has a CapFit headgear that has been designed to be put on like a cap - a simple and intuitive movement that almost everyone is familiar with.  The mask features reduced facial contact and a lightweight design for a comfortable fit.

This fitpack contains 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large (does not include Wide)

Product Features

Product Features:Soft, compact floating seal for optimal comfort and efficiencyGentle mask exhaust minimizing partner disturbanceSoft silicon cushion with a larger opening for easy breathingFreedom to moveOne-size CapFit Headgear using soft-knit fabric Soft, Compact Floating Seal for Optimal Comfort and EfficiencyThe Evora mask features a soft, compact floating seal that sits comfortably under the nose to create an unobtrusive seal.Gentle Mask Exhaust Minimizing Partner DisturbanceLaser-drilled exhaust holes on the mask are designed to minimise noise and draft, making sleeping with a bedside partner more comfortable.Soft Silicon Cushion with a Larger Opening for Easy BreathingThe soft silicon cushion is slightly larger than other cradle cushions to create a better seal. It also features a larger opening to breathe through, making therapy more comfortable.Freedom to MoveThe minimal style of this headgear allows users to move freely in bed.One-size CapFit Headgear Using Soft-Knit FabricCapFit technology makes this headgear easy to put on and adjustable for a comfortable fit.


What's in the Box?Evora Nasal Mask Fitpack (includes headgear and 3 nasal cushion sizes: Small, Medium, Large)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Charles C.
Could be improved

I've been using the Evora full face mask and headgear for a couple years and as SteveP wrote, it could use a swivel connection for the tubing. It sometimes disconnects and is difficult to re-attach without taking off the mask.

Mary N.

I returned it I use F20 masks and it didn't fit.

Terry W.
response to survey

Overall the mask works great. Headgear is definitely needed though. I believe I ordered the large, and it is a little small for me. May need to return to a full face mask though., to : 1. allevive dry mouth, and 2. keep mouth closed while sleeping.

Ronald D.

Too soon to give an accurate description of whether or not, this unit is a better fit and more comfortable than the unit I have been using for a number of years.

Steve p.
Nice Full Face mask Fit

would be perfect if the air inlet was a swival