Full-Face Liners for ResMed and Respironics - 30-Day Supply


The RemZzzs CPAP mask liner acts as a barrier between your face and the silicone found in most CPAP mask cushions. Use the liner to reduce noisy air leaks and protect your skin from excessive moisture or embarrassing red marks. Made from 100% breathable cotton knit, this liner absorbs facial oils and moisture to prevent leaks and irritation around the cushion seal.

Many Full Face CPAP mask users encounter skin irritation, sweating, and leaks with their masks. The RemZzz CPAP mask liner design helps to prevent moisture issues due to the natural fiber material allowing moisture to wick away. The reduction in moisture reduces skin irritation and mask leaks. The liner material also prevents the cushion from slipping and absorbs facial oils which tend to loosen the mask seal.

Each 30-Day Kit comes with 30 RemZzzs mask liners and 2 forehead liners. Use a forehead liner if you are experiencing red marks from your mask's forehead support. Each forehead liner lasts for about 15 days and you may use all sides of the forehead liner by simply turning it over or refolding to a new surface. RemZzz created liners to fit all the most popular CPAP masks. The RemZzz CPAP mask liners come in Small, Medium, or Large sizes for the top manufactured masks on the market. Each order comes with a 30-day supply of RemZzz liners specific to your mask size.

Intended Use: RemZzzs® specialty dressing/pad should be used as a skin barrier with a Positive Air Pressure (PAP) medical device, including but not limited to all respiratory and CPAP masks, for the treatment of at-risk patients and those exhibiting stage 1 or 2 pressure ulcers on the face. 

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Gail K.
doing the job

the full-face liners for res-med do the job of protecting your face, but, sometimes, if the liners aren't positioned properly You wake up with a line on your cheek. It does happen to Me sometimes,
It may be something to think about, placing a small sticky dot on two sides and top and bottom of mask to have the liner stay on and positioned correctly.
This may not be possibe though.
The mail we get is paper with sticky glue, but, on the rubber mask, It may not be able to stick to anything. Just a thought.


S. W.
S. Wright

The Remzzz liners work like a charm and prevent the pressure marks around my nose and mouth

Remzzz f.l.
Remzzz face liners

For 8 months I kept trying different masks and cushions.
Some were comfortable but they all leaked air. My Ahi was at 15. Someone finally suggested the liners. I tried them and from the first night I had no leakage. I no longer wake up constantly trying to adjust the cushion. I sleep through the night and I'm rested during the day. My Ahi has been steadily lowering. Finally!

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