Mirage Activa LT Mask with Headgear

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Designed to accommodate every patient and ensure a comfortable, hassle-free night, the Mirage™ Activa LT nasal mask is the only mask you'll ever need.

To buy this mask without a prescription, please purchase the following items:

Mirage Activa LT Mask System Without Headgear - $68.00

Universal Headgear for Mirage Activa LT - $31.00

ActiveCell Technology. With improved Active Cell technology from ResMed, the Mirage™ Activa LT's cushion expands and contracts to accommodate movement and therapy pressure changes throughout the night. The result: a mask that creates a gentle, secure seal and a dynamic defense against leak, and is easy to use for clinicians and patients alike.

Improved Diffusion Vent. The exhalation ports are configured in a circular design that greatly reduces the audible sound of exhaled air and redirects the airflow away from your bed partner, dispersing air softly and quieter than before.

Quick Headgear Removal. The headgear comes with quick clips that allow for fast and convenient removal of the mask without the need to re-adjust.



* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine


Frame: Polycarbonate

Clear Dial: Polycarbonate

Elbow: Polycarbonate

Headgear Clip: Polycarbonate

Forehead Support: Polycarbonate

Swivel: 15% PTFE in Polycarbonate

Ports Cap: Silicone Elastomer

Cushion: Silicone Elastomer

Cushion Clip: Polyester

Forehead Pad: Silicone Elastomer

Headgear Assembly: Open cell Polyurethane, Nylon/Spandex, Polycaproloctam, Rayon acetate satin

Customer Reviews

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Clyde J.

It’s noisy and hurts my noise.

Alex S.
Alex Skinner

Easy, too easy.
Tried to go through Apria and spent half a day talking with 6 people wanting to charge me in the range of 20-400 dollars. Of course all these people were located outside the USA.
Called easybreathe, transaction completed in under 10 minutes. I know where I am coming back to for further supplies. Easy, way easy.

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