Nuance Gel & Nuance Pro Gel Pillows Mask with Headgear

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As the first gel pillows platform, Nuance is designed to help patients by providing a more comfortable and familiar feel.

With the greater comfort and seal of gel pillows, the ability to fit many different size nostrils and choice of a fabric or gel frame, Nuance is truly a new standard in nasal pillows masks. 

Small, Medium and Large nasal pillows included

To buy the Nuance Pro Gel without a prescription, please purchase the following items:

Nuance Pro Gel Fit Pack Without Headgear

Nuance Pro Gel Headgear

To buy the Nuance Gel without a prescription, please purchase the following items:

Nuance Gel Fit Pack Without Headgear

Nuance Headgear

During Respironics CPAP patient preference studies, Nuance was preferred over the leading nasal pillows masks in these categories:

  • Easier to assemble, disassemble and use than the leading pillows mask
  • More comfort
  • Easier to use
  • Superior seal
  • Greater stability
  • Less nostril irritation

The Nuance also includes:

  • Non-slip headgear stays in place throughout the night
  • Gel pillows provides greater comfort and seal
  • Light-weight, flexible tubing
  • Reduces nasal irritation
  • Conforms to different size nostrils Gel Frame
  • Gel padded frame and non-slip headgear holds mask in place
  • Reduces need for re-adjustment
  • High-performance look

* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine

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Customer Reviews

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I rediscovered my nuance pillow Cpap when my nose mask started to irritate my nose. I purchased the nuance years ago but had nostril irritation & stopped using it. But this time it has worked for me over a few months now. I find it more comfortable than the nose mask & I no longer have strap lines on my face. I don't know why it works for me now and didn't the first time around but I'm grateful. I've been using a Cpap for eleven years.

Gregory W.
Gregory Wade

I love this pillow. Previous pillows have caused irritation to my nostril. This particular pillow has not caused me any irritation, and is very comfortable. This is the first time I can use a nasal pillow without having to put ointment on my nostril.


I have tried many different combinations of nasal masks and nasal pillows. So far these are the most comfortable. I don't have any problems with skin irritation around my nose and the pillows stay in place for the most part - nothing is perfect. I was told the gel pillows on the gel frame tend to fall off but this did not concern me as I use some homemade soft fabric covers on my headgear to prevent skin irritation and lines on my face. I have been using these pillows for a month now and am very happy with them. I like them better than the Swift Fx nasal pillows.

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