Oracle 452 Oral Mask System

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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is the first company to develop an oral mask. The Oracle 452 delivers air pressure only through a mouthpiece, allowing for less structure against the face and providing a great alternative to full face masks. This unique and innovative mask is a great option for those who want to experience the effectiveness of traditional CPAP masks without any of the skin irritation and bulkiness.

Includes both cushion sizes.

Product Features

Unique Oral Mask Design

The Oracle mask’s unique oral mask design provides a great alternative to full face masks.  This oral mask is ideal for folks who breathe through their mouth or struggle with claustrophobia, skin irritation, or chronic nasal obstruction while wearing traditional masks. 

SoftSeal Mouthpiece and SnapFlap Cover

The SoftSeal mouthpiece comfortably floats in the mouth to prevent pressure points and skin irritation.  This mouthpiece works together with the outside SnapFlap cover to create a stable and effective seal around the mouth while still providing maximum comfort.

Single Strap Easy-Release Headgear

One strap around the back of the head keeps the Oracle stable and a swivel in the front of the mask allows free rotation of the CPAP hose. The headgear is adjusted once, then easily removed with just a pull of the easy-release cord. 

Quiet Bias Diffuser

The Oracle mask has an exhalation vent design of a series of small holes and uses a filter to help reduce noise. This diffuser ensures a quiet night’s sleep without you or your partner being disrupted by exhaled air.  

Rotating Adjustment Dial

This dial adjusts the space between the SnapFlap Cover and SoftSeal mouthpiece to increase comfort and stability, and can even be used to make adjustments when the mask is already on.


What’s in the Box?

  • Oracle 452 Mask without Headgear
  • Oracle 452 Headgear
  • 2 Cushions (S and L)
  • Nose Plugs for Optional Use
  • FlexiTube
  • 5 Diffuser Filters

Product Specifications:

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

Mask Release Year: 2008

Quick-Release Headgear: Yes

Quick-Release Swivel: No

Magnets: No


Latex Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I am a mouth breather. I had a bad sleep apnea surgery years ago. it left me where i cannot have any air pressure to my nose. it shuts off my breathing. this is the only mask i can use and it is great. my doctor said i have no episodes and breathing perfectly. my bpap states i have an air leak. that is ok because this mask works perfect. Yes sometimes i drool and it is only a mouth insert which is perfect. i highly recommend this for anyone who can't breath through there nose. it is my life saver


I am a mouth breather and knew I would need a full face mask for my treatment to be effective. Being a little claustrophobic I hated the full mask. I would have some anxiety every night and would purposely stay up late as I could before going to bed. During my sleep I would pull the full mask aside or off. I was told to use the ̢���full mask" using nasal plugs or swimmer's nose clips. I finally happened upon this mask and it has made a world of difference. I have the AirSense 10 Autoset with HumidAir and ClimateLineAir Tube and it fits. I wish sleep apnea centers and doctors pay closer attention to their patients in diagnosing wether you are a mouth or nose breather and the get right mask for your needs. Easy Breathe is a great company to deal with. I pray that Fisher & Paykel continue production of this mask and research and development into better and more comfortable breathing masks.