Pilairo Replacement Headgear Combo Pack

SKU: 400HC328

This Combo Pack includes two headgears compatible with the Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow Mask System.

Replacement Stretchwise™ Headgear

• Made from a soft latex-free elasticized thread with intelligent-stretch properties, the headgear automatically customizes to the wearer.

• No manual adjustments are necessary.

• One convenient size.

Replacement Adjustable Headgear

• Headgear features an adjustable crown strap and back strap

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Susie -.C.u.f.o.1.y.w.h.p.o.2.
Susie - CPAP user for over 10 years w/ high pressure of 23

This is an unbelievable nasal pillow mask. I have been using a CPAP machine for over 10 years now and have tried all the masks! I have always been a mouth breather but was able to switch to this because it is so comfortable and light. I only use the one little strap (alternative shown above) and my machine pressure prescription is very high at 23!! NO LEAKS! THE NASAL PILLOWS ARE SOOOOO SOFT IT IS AMAZING! MY NOSE IS NEVER SORE AND BELIEVE ME i KNOW WHAT SORE IS AS MY NOSE IS VERY SENSITIVE!! YOU WILL LOVE THIS MASK!!! I AM WRITING THIS HERE FOR SELFISH REASONS TOO AS I NEVER WANT THIS MASK DISCONTINUED IN MY LIFETIME SO IF A LOT OF YOU ORDER IT...IT WON'T BE!!!!

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