Premium Chinstrap

SKU: 1012911

The Respironics Premium Chinstrap helps prevent air from leaking out the mouth by holding the chin closed.

*Chinstraps will not treat snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnea without a CPAP mask and machine*


Chinstrap Length: 27.25 inches

Chinstrap Width: 2 inches

Chin Cup Section Length: 9.5 inches (included in the Chinstrap Length of 27.25 inches)

Chin Cup Section Width at Widest Point: 3 inches

Support Strap Length without Tabs: 14 inches

Support Strap Length with Tabs: 17 inches

Support Strap Width: 1 inch



Polyester Foam


Vel Stretch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linda O.

Premium Chinstrap

David G.
David Germeroth

I have been using this chin strap for almost three years with the Swift FX nasal pillow system. It works well for me on my BIPAP machine. I modified it with additional velcro straps to keep the slot in the strap together. After a couple months use they would begin to tear at the slot.

AJ i.A.
AJ in AL

This is a very stable chinstrap which does not slip since it has a secondary strap. No more open mouth at night. Still working after 1 month

Shelly i.P.
Shelly in PA

I have used this chin strap for about 6 months. It has helped me stop snoring and stopped the dry month that was caused by my cpap nasal mask. A good product that actually works!

Jim i.N.
Jim in NJ

Have used this chin strap for about a month and it does its job well. I'm a new C-PAP user and have found that I need to use the chin strap to keep my throat from closing. No more snoring!

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