Quattro Air Mask with Headgear

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Drift off to a great night’s sleep with Quattro Air, the lightest full face mask on the market. Its sleek, lightweight design with only four parts makes it easy to use for a comfortable and simple therapy experience.

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Quattro Air Mask without Headgear

Quattro Air Replacement Headgear

Lighter, sleeker, simpler

  • 45% lighter than the Mirage Quattro
  • Smaller facial footprint doesn’t feel heavy on the face

Quiet, comfortable seal for uninterrupted sleep

  • Circular diffused vents gently directs away you and your bed partner for a quiet night’s sleep
  • Dual-wall cushion seals comfortably at sensitive nasal bridge area
  • Flex-wing forehead support auto-adjusts and features wide range of adjustment for the perfect fit

Fewer parts, fewer hassles

  • Only four parts—the fewest of any leading full face mask—makes it easy to use and clean on a regular basis
  • Quick-release elbow allows for easy detachment from your device without having to take off the mask

* This mask is only effective when used in conjunction with a CPAP/BiLevel machine

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Customer Reviews

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I know everyone is different but this is the best mask I've owned and been doing this for several years. Lightweight no nonsense fit.

Laten M.
Laten McKinney

This mask works great for me--I've tried the Air Touch and the Mirage Quatro and this one is by far the most comfortable and lightest weight.

Susan W.
Susan Wise

I have tried to wear this mask suffering for many nights. Unfortunately after three horrible nights and terrible neck pain I couldn̢��‰�t do it any more. Let me explain. It̢��‰�s not the mask .... I have a small face and. A small head. Therefore the extra small ladies is even too large so it had to be worn extra tight. I have a metal plate in my c spine due to injury and surgery some years ago. The pressure on this area was unbearable to the point on the 3rd night I found feel my fingers or move them. I had gone to bed early fo at approx 3:30 I had almost 6 hours in so I took it off. I could hardly move for the pain I was in bed all day crying with pain. Eating Tylenol and muscle relaxants. I was beside myself. That night I went back to the old nasal mask the angry red faces were showing pretty constantly,but there was nothing I could do I was in so much pain finally the pain started to ease a little. I need a full face mask without that strap at the back of your neck. So if any dealers know of one that will fit a tiny face and head hive me a heads up. Susan Wise. Thank u


I've been on bi pap for 8 years and I have tried them all ! This is THE BEST --- non intrusive, light weight,not complicated full face mask I have EVER worn. Do yourself a favor and give it a try !


I like the mask but had a problem with pressure under my eyes, I found that when I woke up I had troubles opening my eyes

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