Ruby Style Adjustable Chinstrap


*Chinstraps will not treat snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnea without a CPAP mask and machine*


  • Super soft materials for extra comfort
  • Quality Construction: Stitched, not glued
  • Fully Adjustable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bill V.
Better Than Others

This chin strap works great if you have issues being a mouth breather like I am. Since I've been using it, I no longer wake up with Sahara Dessert mouth, and my wife says she isn't being woken up by the constant wind tunnel! 2 negatives though. One it only come in one size and just barely fits my head, and two, it is a little hard to get on. Which this probably wouldn't be an issue if it was bigger!

Theodore O.
just a bit disappointed

Though I knew the chinstrap is adjustable it is still small for my head and the chinstrap is stretched out to the max just to fit my head. Do you have a larger chinstrap?

Virginia W.
Overall good

This chinstrap is effective, but pretty small

William H.
They are the only ones that work for me

very effective


I have tried about five different styles of chin straps....the ONLY one that works is the Ruby Red... Others slip off during the night or are not strong enough to keep my mouth closed -- causing me to wake up during the night with a dry mouth. The Ruby Red allows me to sleep with my mouth closed all night. I replace it about every 6 months even though Medicare only allows Health Equipment company to send other, pitiful chin straps.

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